Vital Forecast

by Parallel


1. Intro
2. Cubox
3. Electric Blues / The Core
4. Statues
5. Experiments / Unchecked
6. Things That Bump In The Night
7. Highway-39
8. Stranded / Intelligent Life
9. Wind Chill Factor
10. Exploration
11. Determined / Another Variety
12. Surveillance
13. $#it Happens
14. Dead Time / Spare Keys
15. Lost Caverns
16. Distance / Aerodynmx 2000
17. Language Of The Mute

"Vital Forecast" was an underground release featuring a collection of Parallel tracks that were made during 2000-2001. Very limited copies were made of this release. Out of print.


released November 11, 2001

Lyrics By – Airborn, Groove, Hyphen, Jahs, Klove, Lawjik, Maliks, Ol' Redwood, T3, Wushu
Beats By – DJ Druspin, Hyphen-Select, Killa Klove, Maliks, Seizmic



Parallel California

Parallel is a hip-hop collective, based out of Southern California. Their first recording sessions date back to 1998, when members from 5 separate hip-hop groups (Centa Cercle, Earthshakes, Ghosty Goblins, Humanoidz & Visionary Force) started making music together. Since then the movement has continued... ... more

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